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    1. Hello Annika,
      I think you don´t need the expansion pack for using.
      Because some month ago I need a new PC and at the first time I used only the basegame and my own dl´s. And they was working. All of them.
      Try it. And if it don´t work – please give me a feedback.

    1. Hello Trucpy,

      I don´t know where the problem is in your game, but I think you dont have the Add on for use this. But for the moment, I can´t say which one you need. Sorry :03:

    1. Thanks Aamu :09:
      The shape is unfortunately not my idea (its from EA :02: ). But, unfortunately, you can not colored the flowers in the original . So I thought it would be a nice idea if there were a few other variations thereof.
      :07: that you like this idea :10: :02:

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